The stretch ceiling is a decorative technique link related to the use of material commonly called "canvas" and derived from the PVC. Born in the late 1960s in Sweden, the stretch ceiling is imported and manufactured in France in the 70s. This is a canvas that is flexible and extensible when it heats up and shrinks as it colds.

Motion-Tech Industry is the only company registered by France International Motion Group in Thailand. It has subsidiaries in different country:

- Thailand

- Malaysia

- Middle-East

- India

- Central Africa

- Pakistan

- Singapore

We dare not to present in the world until we have the good quality.                                                               
As other famous brands in the world, Motion Tech Industry, headquartered in Hong Kong, MTI series products by its sufficient capital, scientific administration and its professionalism. It is a well-known leader in this field.

Motion Tech Industry always keeps the marketing concept: quality is our soul, innovation is our orientation, customers’ satisfaction is our goal. It takes Chinese market in just a few years by its outstanding quality, elegant design, scientific administration and our staff’s hard work.

Prestige Design  stretched ceiling were firstly  invented in Switzerland, and it was researched  and perfected by Frenchman Mr. Farmland Scherrer in 1967 and introduced to Europe and America ceiling  market. With the appearance of Design stretched ceiling awarded as medal in 27E Salon International Invention Des Inventions was a new milestone of stretched ceiling system installation. It saved complicated measurement and burdensome custom-made works and satisfied the world market with rich color and sufficient stocks. With imported welding machines the butt joints can be connected perfectly and smoothly, which it an ideal choice for any demanding clients who seek quick delivery time and easy installation method. Now Prestige Design stretched ceiling has registered its exclusive patent around the world, including Hong Kong and China.

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